Testimony of Time with the Lord

Here is a testimony I received from a sister in-Christ. God is good. I pray this encourages the Body to trust in the Lord in all things. In Jesus name, amen –

“Normally I have two appointments with God every day. Today I missed my evening appointment and started working on  computer. It did not start. It was fine this morning. I was trying and trying. It did not start. Suddenly..It came to my mind  that I did not meet with the Lord and God is waiting to talk. I stopped every thing and started praising for my day and talked to Lord.

Surprise!! Computer worked right after that. God is never delayed. God is on time and never forgets the given appointment. Also the Lord knows we are weak and forgetful. Yet the Lord is merciful. Thank you my Lord!!”

Praise God, thank you Lord for your testimonies.

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