The Cross DVD and Bibles – Followup

Here’s a follow-up on The Cross and Bibles testimony that was shared last week.. It pertained DVD documentary The Cross.

This specific night, I went to the homeless shelter for a bible study.  Before the study, I will typically mingle as there are usually new folks every few weeks.  I’ll explain why I’m there and invite them up to the study.  While doing this, I came across a lady that immediately showed a disinterest.  She shook her head and walked away.

As time neared for the study, I prayed and ask the Lord for His will to be done at tonight’s study.  A couple of minutes later, a 9yr old boy and his mom came in (it was the lady that I previously mentioned.. they were the only 2 in that night’s study), but then the mom left for a few minutes.  While she was gone, I asked the boy if they go to church, etc.  He said that he goes with his aunt and other family members all the time, but his mom and dad do not.  I had one of those new kid’s bibles mentioned from the above-mentioned post (praise God, thank you Lord.. They are for ages 9-12.. the boy is 9.. Is He awesome or what?!?) The bible was sitting there and I asked him if he needed one.  He said no, that his mom doesn’t like bibles and she doesn’t want them around.  I left it at that and decided to wait a few minutes for mom to return. God is good

Mom returned and I asked a few questions before we begun.  I found that she was an atheist, but sends her son to church and study groups w/ the kids.  We talked for a bit and we begun with prayer  I asked her if her son can have a bible.  She said sure. 

At the end of the study, as we were leaving, I had an adult bible out on the table.  As I picked it up to place it in my bag, I asked her if she needed a bible.  She said ya and took the bible. 

Praise the Living God!!!

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