The Love and Compassion of Jesus Christ

For anyone who is a member of the Body, I urge you to take a look at God’s Emergency Response Team and see what the Love of Christ is doing over at G.E.R.T. Ministries.  It’s a ministry that reveals the Love of Christ in local communities, as well as nationally when emergencies arise.  The Team itself consists of the Body – you and I.  Also, it’s a 501(c)(3) non-profit Faith-based ministry.

If you’re compelled at all by the Spirit, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor, buying a t-shirt, doing a one-time donation, volunteering or praying for the ministry.  No one at this ministry pulls a salary.  As a matter of fact, outside of normal day to day living expenses, the founder gives most (if not all) of her remaining income from 2 part-time jobs back into this ministry. I’m sure even a $5 per month subscription would help.  Remember, giving to such organizations can be claimed on your taxes.

And to go off on somewhat of a rant.  I greatly encourage fellow believers to contribute to the Body (churches, ministries, missionaries, etc) – As Christians, I think we should think hard about that next $5 coffee or that next $5 McDee’s meal we buy when there’s coffee at home or in the office..and there’s food at home to eat.  And that’s just once per month!  Imagine all of the extra $ we place into bottled water, a coffee, a soda, a candy bar, a bag of chips, etc.  We’re all called to be good stewards with His money (because it is His money that He has blessed us with!).  I especially urge my brothers and sisters in-Christ to think about what they are doing the next time it is decided to spend $ on something like gambling, alcohol, cigarettes, eating junk that dirties His temple, or anything else that brings us closer to the things of the fleshly world.  Read my posting on Pride and ask “Who is first in my life?  Me or God?”  Think about what God would prefer you do with His money, His belongings.  This mentality should be for all tithing and responsibilities with God’s belongings, including our bodies, how we treat each other (His children), His things that He has blessed us with, His Church, the Body, etc.

At any rate, end of rant.  I say it’s a rant, but deep down inside, I know it’s good.  We tend to want to keep doing the things we do because of the flesh.  We justify things so we can keep doing them.  Surrendering to God’s Will is hard, but it’s the only way.

Anyways, awesome stuff.  It’s good to see that the Love of Christ is alive and well over at G.E.R.T.  Praise God.

God bless,


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