The Presence of Perfection – God

I’m at a loss for words. He is so amazing. Lord, give me the words to type. God never ceases to amaze me. After all these teachings and revelations, ya would think I would start expecting them. Lord, help me with my underdeveloped faith.. Here we go, revealing God and the presence of perfection –

Last week, a sister at church revealed that a brother is in need for food and she recommended a monthly food drive to him. It seemed he was standoffish on going.. She wanted to see if I could help encourage him to go to the food drive and get some food.

Last night at church, I spoke to him and asked if he wanted to go and get some food with me (I needed some too). While talking to him about it, he said sometimes he feels embarrassed to go to places like that. I said something like “ya, me too.. we can go together.. help encourage each other.” He smiled and agreed to go.

At the end of church service, the same sister walked up to me and said “<withheld> wanted me to tell you that he’s sorry but he can’t go tomorrow morning.. He’s not feeling well.” I don’t doubt he was sick, but I also think it was an easy way out, lol.

God moved me to go anyways and get some food for him this morning. I went there, picked up some food, and dropped it off to him. As a side note, I got to the food bank late and they were putting things away. But, they PILED the food on… I was told that you get a box of food.  lol. Let us not forget, God is involved here! haha. The presence of Perfection! They gave me almost double of everything.. some items I got like 10 of! lol. Two full boxes and a lady carried an arm full of food out to my car, piling it on top of an already filled box. Tons of food, praise God!

Ok, here’s the awesomeness of God. I just received a voicemail (too bad I can’t post a recording of it on here). It was my brother in-Christ, and he basically said “You don’t know what a blessing this was. I found out this afternoon that my food stamp benefit has expired and my case worker is out for another week. I wouldn’t have had any means to get food. Bless you, thank you, bless you, bless you, thank you.” awww. All the glory to God.  Thank you Lord for giving me the unction.. and a mind/heart of obedience. Praise God.

Then, as I’m praising God for this.. a mutual friend of this brother came to mind. I haven’t talked to this sister in-Christ in a while, but she came to mind because she’s a good friend of this brother. So I decided to call her to see how she’s doing. When she answered, she gasped. “Joe.. I literally had a thought of you going through my mind when the phone rang. I was thinking – I need to talk to Joe. Antennas are up!” lol. Presence of Perfection!

Sure, unbelievers call it coincidence, chance, an oddity, weird..  LOL. It is GOD ALMIGHTY. We must be born again to see the Kingdom of God! The Kingdom of God is at hand, and that my friends is serious stuff! :)

Do you see these things too? Please share them wherever the Lord leads you to!

In love w/ Him and you,


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