Ultimate Choice is Jesus

I give glory to God for all gained wisdom/knowledge. In my earlier walk, I talk as if I have discovered.  In the end, it is God that has done this work
within me.  See, as I was an early Christian, I thought a lot about me, my abilities, etc.  As I continue to mature, the more I see that it has been God Almighty loving me, molding me, helping me, guiding me, teaching me, etc.  Praise God. So as some of my older postings show, I have young understanding of what the Lord was doing.  Now, I know, it was always Him. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this so I decided to go ahead and write this piece.  I know this could be viewed as being weird, strange, etc. when viewed from the flesh.  I recommend readers go back through previous entries before reading this post, otherwise it will be hard to understand.  It may make sense, but for those who are looking for true understanding, a stress-free life, or those who are doing some soul searching… reading previous posts first will help connect the dots.

This ultimate choice has done wonders for me.  I’m not perfect, but I see much more clearly than I use to.  After I made my ultimate choice, it was as if I took a Miracle Pill.  1 pill that fixed all.  It is so hard to explain a ‘feeling’ in a blog, but I’ll try my best.  I was able to see.. With the Helper and eyes of the Spirit, to recognize the small path to the Lord.  The road less traveled.  I am able to see, but sometimes I’m off of that path.  I’m at the point right now where He shows me, I recognize it, can get there, but I’m unable to stay there 100% of the time.  There are a handful of things remaining for me to learn (ha, I re-read this.  How ignorant I was!  I have many things remaining to learn).  I’m getting closer and closer to being full.  (again, I laugh… this is only the tip of the iceberg).

On one of my past postings, I discussed this mind trick I play.  I was able to realize (again, I now realize it was the Holy Spirit, but I will leave it as I had written it years ago) that the path to the Lord was my soul standing in agreement with the Spirit and surrendering ideals from society and the flesh.  Once I (my soul) chose to listen to the Spirit, I was able to be the true “me”, as intended by God.  All the other crap going around in my head, my thoughts, my self talk was exactly that, CRAP.  It’s a distraction of Satan to take me away from that special place.  Once we realize that we don’t have to make choices on all of the individual crap going on in life, and we take it a step or 2 further in our minds, we then realize that this inner voice we have (the one that is deeper than our regular thoughts/self talk), is the Spirit.

What does the Spirit of God tell you?  He says things to me like: “I don’t like smoking”, but then the self talk from self/the flesh justifies the smoking: “I’m addicted.  Stupid cigarette companies.  I’m stressed, I need one.  I’m just going to relax and have 1.  I’m going to losen up for the evening, have a few drinks and smoke.  It’s ok.”  When we think like this, we are justifying.  When we can pay very close attention to our minds and the thoughts, we can see this tennis match going on between our being and the outside world.  The outside world has trained/molded/formed us.  This outside world says that the norm is to stress, worry, be sad, be hurt, take pills, and be good little consumers.  “I’d love to have this Hummer.  I want this new computer cuz it’s cool.  This guy driving slow in front of me pisses me off, I’ll speed up around him.  I feel hurt when <x> happens.  I am suppose to feel sad when <y> happens.  I must feel stressed when <z> happens.  My grass should be green like my neighbors.  Weeds look bad in the yard.  A rainy day is a bad day.  WOO HOO, I love sports!”  –  See, generation after generations have been trained to believe that this is the world.  In my humble opinion, it is not the correct way to live life.  We live a life of worry, struggles, sadness, poverty, greed, etc.  We are in this negative world that we have allowed to mold us, but we don’t have to be ‘of’ the world, we can break the molds.  When we are conscious of this fact, we may think we are forced to make choices between good and bad.

See, the Spirit will contradict and challenges the self that has been taught by man.  But when our soul loses the battle by choosing to think things of the flesh, self, world, etc.. what happens?  If we pay attention to our self-talk, we’ll see something like this: The Spirit doesn’t like smoking.  Self-talk starts tossing around words that justify why it is ok to smoke.  It’s like a tennis match going on back and forth.  For example:  Spirit: “I don’t like smoking” – Flesh: “I’m stressed, I’ll have just one” (justification). Spirit: “I don’t want to smoke, I know it’s bad for me” – Flesh: “Your addicted, go ahead.  You’ll quit someday.”  These thoughts work very fast in our minds.  When we pay attention to them and analyze these things, we can slow these thoughts down for a better evaluation.  When things are slowed down, I have realized that when this tennis match is going on, the winner is the one we choose to be.  I, my soul, ultimately makes the choice.  I can be of the Spirit or I can be of the flesh.  If i choose the Spirit, I don’t smoke.  If i choose the flesh, I smoke.  Which choice do I make?  Our reality ends in whatever thoughts we choose to entertain.  Once we make the choice, then watch what happens to the Spirit.  It either glows or goes dim.

For me, this back and forth… playing this little game of tennis on nearly every topic/thought was a struggle.  It was very difficult for me to stop and evaulate every single step of my life, and make a good choice.  Then what happened was a realization, a major one.  Above when I said things like “I don’t want to smoke”, the “I” was the Spirit speaking, which my soul agreed with.  “I” is my real internal being, my soul, the Holy Spirit, God’s creation… all in agreement..  The other side of the choice, the justification, was within me, but it wasn’t the true me.  The justifications were just words that I’ve heard in my surroundings during life.  These words were of my flesh, which was trained/molded by the surroundings in life, upbringing, friends, TV, society, etc.  This molding caused me to think a certain way during certain situations.  The realization that I discovered is that I didn’t have to make choices on every matter.  I didn’t have to view it as a tennis match on every thought.  I only had 1 choice to make: Be who God created me to be or play the tennis match on individual thoughts.  I chose to take that inner voice of righteousness and explode it into focus.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and I realize this.  But this type of thinking now enables me to easily identify when I’m out of character.  My character is my soul, the being within, the Holy Spirit, God’s creation, all in agreement..  In-Christ..  When I am not being myself and am of hte flesh, it is easily identified and rectified, which always ends with an apology to any one around me that had to experience my flesh.

When I am in my special place in-Christ, when my mind (the soul) aligns with Christ, the Holy Spirit, etc., the world looks different.  I see waste, I see consumption, I see the challenges people go through.  A lot of compassion starts coming through.  For instance, when going into work one day, I’m smiling because I love the rain, I love the smell of the rain, and I knew the vegetation needed it.  I bump into someone in the elevator at work, and I say “What a beautiful day eh?” (I was in-Spirit).  They took my meaning as if it was a joke, and they laughed, saying “What a nasty rainy day.”  I get into work and talk to a friend of mine and I say “What a beautiful day eh?” and he says with a smile, “Liquid sunshine!”.  He was a farmer.  It’s all in the eye of the beholder… who’s beholding your eyes? What man taught you or what the Spirit says?  I, along with many others, have heard how it is nasty outside when it is raining.  I use to see rainy days as downers too.  Why?  Because society says it’s a gloomy day.  Have we not learned from others that a rainy day must be nasty?  I have always loved the rain, the smell of it, etc.   I see 2 realities out there and I experience them in situations like this.  For me, one reality was a gray view of the rainy weather (the flesh.. It learned from someone at some point in my life that a rainy/cloudy day was bad).  The other one doesn’t see any problems with the rain or cloudy day, it loves the rain.  My soul is happy and has a wonderful day, regardless… when I choose to align with the Spirit of God… Christ.  My negative view is in the reality of the trained flesh.  My reality is what I think.  If I align my soul with the Spirit, I think good thoughts, I smile.  If I align my soul w/ the flesh, the world, man’s way of being, then I think bad thoughts pertaining to the rain…and my outward expression ends in feeling gloomy, dim, nasty, tired, down, etc.  My reality always is a result of my thoughts, which stems from the result of my ultimate choice – To abide in Christ or abide in the flesh, man, the world….

(Ok, weirdness coming) The special place for me is my soul in-Christ.  I’m starting to picture my soul as being the energy in my spinal cord.  Not my physical spinal cord, but the energy in it.  See, when I’m in my special place and I meditate, I feel my thought energy in the base of my skull.  While in this state, I will purposely think a thought to get stressed so that I can watch what happens in my body.  I then feel the energy and the thought patterns in the main part of my brain.  When playing with my thoughts like this and going back and forth with them, I was able to do a lot of analyzing.  When I was realaxed, I felt at peace and had the sense of “I Am”.  I could feel at 1 with the world.  Then I would think of something stressful, and stress tightens up the muscles in the back of my neck.  They tighten up exactly where that positive energy was flowing. When this happens, I’m stressed.  It’s almost like a roadblock is in place, stopping the positive energy.  It’s preventing me from getting back to my special place.  I was able to put myself in this positiion while not really being stressed, but by being purposeful in thinking of a stressful situation while i was in my special place.  When I thought of a stressful thought, I felt the energy and thoughts going around in the main part of my brain.  I then fellt the muscles tightening around my skull.  My neck then tightened at the base of my skull where my positive energy/thoughts were flowing.  I was able to smile when I realized this because I was actually in my special place, and analyzing this stuff in my head from a 3rd party standpoint.  I learned something by doing this, but the weird thing was that I couldn’t realistically use this information at first. The next time that i was actually stressed, I felt that tightening in my head.  No matter what I tried and no matter what I thought, I could not get back to my special place.  The tightening/stress/worry was a blocker to the good energy.  I was in that rut even though I had the knowledge of the blocker and where my special place was at.  It was so weird and hard to get out of that mindset even though I had knowledge on these things.

What do I do???  Well, re-read those last few sentences…  pay attention – “I couldn’t use this information.. No matter what I tried or thought, i could not get back.  There was a blocker.  I was in a rut.  It was hard to get out of that mindset” <- that was the entire problem.  Whatever I think will be my reality.  I THINK there is a road block, thus there was.  I THINK there is a rut that I’m in, thus I was.  I THINK I can’t get back to my special place, thus I couldn’t.  Thinking all of these things IS the problem.  When I THINK with fleshy thoughts, I’m of the flesh.  No wonder I got stuck!  When my thinking gives all of these things substance, I am of the flesh.  The key for me was to realize that I’m giving this situation “substance” and doing it myself by choosing to think those things.  I just needed to not think of what I was thinking.  Stop the thoughts.  Ah, but I can’t, but Christ can.  The Spirit of God is the ultimate battle warrior in this spiritual warfare.  Praise God!

I realized that the Spirit of God is there all of the time for my soul to align with and the only time my soul isn’t in alignment with God is when I give other things “substance” in my mind… When these thoughts form and we choose to entertain them, then I inevitably will choose the flesh’s way… which always ends in sin – A separation from God.  It isn’t that we’re not going to have these thoughts battling in our minds, but we can recognize them for what they are, and cast them out in the name of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit will also Help us to see them.. we will get convicted.. I literally stopped thinking of the situation, realized God is with me, then smile.  I inhaled good energy and exhaled the bad, while thanking the Lord.

If i get to a point where I am not in my special place in-Christ, then I just stop the thoughts that are putting me in that situation… confess it (and any sin), then cast it out w/ authority in Christ Jesus..  The mind may say “I’m stuck”, but I realize that I’m really not stuck because the Lord is always there, I just need to think about the Lord versus thinking of the road block (again: I am what I think).  The flesh reality was in the mainstream of my thinking because I was giving it SUBSTANCE with thought ontop of more thought ontop of more thought.  I think I am stuck, so there I sit, stuck.  But when I realize that I’m not in-Christ and I’m in the wrong reality,  I then think “I’m not stuck, I was being deceived into thinking in terms of the flesh.”  I don’t give it any substance… I stop thinking of a block/a rut, I stop thinking of stress and I stop thinking that I’m not in a peaceful state.  I start thinking that I am here in-Christ and the flesh is trying to deceive me.  I think: I see this flesh reality trying to confuse me.  If I give these thoughts any substance and continue in them, then I am no longer aligned with Christ, and I may sin.  Now, don’t get me wrong. This sounds all fine and dandy, but I have not “arrived”.  I still sin.. but, I recognize it, confess it, and He is just to forgive.  I must grow in these areas and not use Christ and trample on the blood of the Lamb.

This is what the Ultimate Choice is all about.  Realizing the difference between the Spirit and the flesh, then making the final choice to be allow the Holy Spirit/God/Jesus to have dominion over me.  The first time i experienced this was with my friend Jim, God Bless him for allowing the Lord to work through him.  I was stuck w/ all kinds of thoughts, they were confusing me, etc.  He said something along the lines of “Just by giving these things thought, you are giving them substance, thus they are driving a wedge between you and God”.  And man, when he said this, a miracle happened.  The first time in my life, I felt no stress.  As this happened, I actually felt my skull, the base of my neck and everything in my head drop..  The tension was gone and I was relaxed.  It was like the first time I felt a relaxed state.  I felt an energy flow in my forehead.  My forehead dropped, relaxed…and i felt a literal sucking feeling out the center of my forehead.  I felt this energy getting released/pulled from my head, like someone was pulling on a string out of the center of my forehead and it was sucking all of the negative energy out.  It flowed out and wow, I felt what it was like to not experience stress…and to be with Him.  I smiled.  I was now with the Holy Spirit..

That’s the Ultimate Choice.  To choose Christ.  To confess that we are sinners, trapped, and in need of a Savior to cleanse us of all unrighteousness…and to help us, guide us, etc.  It’s to allow the Spirit of God to have dominion over thoughts…and to not get caught up in this tennis match..  He breaks the yoke of Satan, of the world, of man… He helps us ‘get it’.  We only have 1 choice to make, and that’s to choose Him… Then, we receive the power and strength to not give anything else substance unless it comes from the Lord.  And if we do, we confess, repent, and return back to our first love, our Creator, God Almighty.

When I realized all of this and am in-Christ, everything is viewed differently.  Instead of lighting that cigarette and my Spirit saying “Please don’t, I don’t like smoking” and the flesh thinking “You’re addicted.  It taste good.”  I was now just thinking “I don’t like smoking”, so I won’t.  I put down cigarettes and never looked back.  We’re very selfish beings.  The forming of the justifying thoughts can be recognized and passed by/yielded to.  “I see what you are and if I think what you are structuring up, I will end up smoking…  Good bye thought.”  This is not accomplished alone, but w/ the Spirit of God helping us.  As stated in another post, I have tried quitting many many times in life and I have been temporarily successful at times.  But, it was a battle.  It was hard to quit.  I would really want a cigarette.  This time was different, I made an ultimate choice to be with the Holy Spirit and not let the outside world influence me.  When I did this, I did not have any addiction to cigarettes.  I didn’t have a single withdrawal.  I didn’t get figity.  I didn’t overeat.  There was nothing, zilch, notta…  Because “justification” was gone.  I just quit because that’s what the Holy Spirit is, a non-smoker, and I aligned myself with Him.  See, when I put myself in this mode, it is: Soul over Mind and Matter.  My Soul, which is aligned with the Holy Spirit has the final say.  It isn’t Mind over Matter.  If I think “Mind over matter”, then my mind deceives me.  I’ll have justification, stress, worry…  “Well, I’ve done good, I can just take 1 drag off of a cigarette.  Man, I’m really stressed, I could use a cigarette.  Wow, this is hard to quit smoking.  This nicotine is VERY addictive, I don’t know if I can do this.”  Or people say “Oh, you’re quitting… how long has it been?”  Then I would respond with “3 days”.  Them: “Keep at it, days 3-7 are the hardest… stick with it!!” <– that’s the molded surroundings we experience – Distractions – Deceptions.  Days 3-7 are the hardest??  Thanks for trying to put those thoughts into my head!!  I would laugh because I would hear the flesh speaking and trying to trick me.  No, the Ultimate Choice, being in-Christ, was the hardest.  To surrender all that I thought I was, swallow my pride and confess myself as a sinner, and finally to choose to ask Christ into my heart..was the hardest.  See, by giving day 3, day 7, day 30 any meaning at all is of the flesh.  To this day, I don’t recall the day I quit..  I didn’t give it any substance, why would I?  It would only cause thoughts that were not of the Holy Spirit.  I don’t smoke was the bottom line.  When I thought like the Holy Spirit, everything else filled in from there.  We pray, we ask for God to send us His son.. What we are asking for is the mind of Christ, the heart of Christ, the eyes of Christ, the ears of Christ.  We are asking “God, make me like your Son”.  I automatically didn’t like eating the foods I ate.  I didn’t even like being aroudn other smokers because I didn’t want that crap in His vessel.

I am living life with Jesus Christ. <- The Ultimate Choice.  The Ultimate Choice is hard to realize and it is difficult to stay there at all times.  Something will happen… I don’t know what, but wisdom tells me something is going to happen whereas this flesh will try to get me away from Him.   Wisdom tells me that if I change my ultimate choice and get sucked into the fleshly world, I will not be happy and smiling.  So I pray for the Watcher to watch over me.  For instance, if my car breaks down. I can sit here right now and look at that as some kind of blessing in disguise.  Smile about it.  I know, through wisdom, that within a week or 2 after my car breaks down, everything will have worked itself out.  So why get sucked into the crap in the meantime?  I should look for God in the situation, find out why He wants me broken down.  Maybe I need to help the tow truck driver?  Maybe I need to learn patience?  All it’s going to do is tear down my body…cause me stress, heart disease, a stroke, or some kind of illness if I choose otherwise…. then the Dr. will tell me that I have to take a pill.  Then I’ll have to take another pill to help the side effects of the first pill, and so on.  All I have to do is realize that I have taken the 1 Miracle Pill already and to never forget it.

When I feel at one with the world and the universe, and I realize that we are all together in this bright light of good energy, it’s a very good thought.  One can see how this ora affects people.  How it brings smiles to people… How souls are getting lit up.  This is how life should be.  Not the other way around.  I pray that any one reading this can have a new reality come into focus.  It’s more real than the massive deception that we all are a part of every day.  God Bless.

p.s. I hope this comes in handy for someone.  This is something I had written down and I would look at it every day since I talked to my friend Jim.  This is how my life, mind, thought, self talk, etc played out within myself… step by step.  God Bless.

Step 1:  Confess oneself as lost in the world, a sinner, in bondage, and ask God to send you His Son.  Then, let Him help you ‘see’.  Wisdom can assist in watching thoughts form, ask Him for wisdom, eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to receive truth.. Then from there, with the eyes to see (Looking at things from the Spirit), if the thought you see is from the Holy Spirit, proceed to step 2.  (If you feel confused on your thoughts and can not do it, then proceed to step 3).

Step 2: God’s Will takes over.  You will live a very good life and good things will surround you and happen to you.  You’re done and now can live in peace.  The previous step is simple:  1: Realize your need for Christ..  2: Ask Him in.  3: Love.  The next steps are for those that may be deceived by the flesh.

Step 3 (this is the “wedge” between step 1 and 2):  Negative energy is acting as a wedge between your connection w/ God.  It is intercepting the righteous thoughts.  A road block.  Most, actually all things down this path will be of the flesh.  God Bless you and your thoughts.  I pray for Christ to be your thinking, help you real
ize wisdom of the 2 realities, help you with your thoughts, and be a part of every thing in your mind so that the end result falls on the righteous path.  Father, please help steer this person’s thoughts around the roadblock of the flesh so that their eyes can see, their ears can hear and their hearts can receive.  I highly recommend 3 things: Fellowship, reading the bible and prayer.  Without these things, it is impossible… as these things are major components of Christ.

Here’s a good analogy of how my mind works sometimes – imagine running through a field and on the horizon is God.  My eyes are on Him and I’m running hard/fast.  I’m smiling.  All focus is on Him.  The sun is shining, birds are signing… I’m in Heavan.  As I’m running, a tree (a thought) comes into view a hundred yards ahead and it starts to get in the way of my visual path to God.  Wisdom tells me that if I don’t change course, He will be out of focus and I’ll run into this tree.  With this knowledge, I choose to slightly adjust my course, yield to it… just let it by… so that He is still in focus.  Sometimes, I choose to not adjust my path and I end up running into the tree and He is out of focus (I’m now in the flesh).  I sit there still trying to run, but I’m slamming my head up against the tree.  I stop and think “Hmm, I can keep entertaining this tree or I can just let it go by.”  I say “Lord, help me.  Forgive me for doubting.” Jesus pulls me aside, I see God on the horizon and start running again.

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